The EPK Advantage Solution is an integrated suite of Knowledge Management Applications delivering end-to-end capabilities that improve employee proficiency and organizational productivity.

The EPK Advantage Suite
(A Centralized Information Exchange)

At the core of our services is the EPK Advantage Suite. Vendor Information is consolidated into an Information Portal or a Retailer Learning Portal, directed by user preferences at initial login. Sales associates only see what is relevant to their particular need or department. Branding guidelines and specific content is managed according to predefined associate requirements.
Some examples may be:
  • product promotions
  • national campaigns
  • targeted training

The EPK Advantage application allows your organization to manage any existing content created in a digital format.

Enhanced modules using audio and video can also be accommodated with the EPK Advantage solution through either an integrated database or as an encapsulated self-contained presentation. (Consumer versions of these enhanced modules can also be deployed as additional content on public websites allowing for a better amortization of production costs.)
Information can easily be retrieved or modified through a searchable database connected to product glossaries, FAQs, features and benefits or testing and exam questions.

The EPK Advantage Suite consists of the following applications:

The EPK Advantage Solution combines a Learning Management System (LMS), Document Management System (DMS), a unique Statistical Analysis system, a user forum and a live webcast application (EPK Live) on a single, integrated platform. EPK Advantage’s fully integrated solution allows clients to fully customize the user interface to allow for complete internal branding. Corporate identity and brand emphasis is predominant throughout the entire application.

Custom tailored to fit specialized needs

We have developed our people, products and processes to be able to meet specialized needs. The EPK Advantage Suite, an open and scalable solution, uses web-enabled technology to deliver targeted knowledge, proficiency and skills that integrate into your business. We bring experience, best practices, workflows and templates to give you an optimal solution, and with our partners, we offer end-to-end solutions by integrating industry-specific and custom content development and deployment to get you up and running quickly.

Full customization with brand specific colors or graphics can also be integrated into the EPK Advantage solution.
Multiple brands, retail locations, vendors, or product categories can all be consolidated into one specific point of entry for learners.

Registration and access control
can easily be managed from any authentication source. Passwords and logins are then distributed via email.
Full reporting functions for statistical analysis of user-based results can present data in virtually any configuration of an individual or group's learning parameters.
The EPK Auto certification feature can create an immediate acknowledgement of an individual's successful course completion.
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