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We want to help you become more strategic and show how you impact your business. How? By empowering you to identify learning activities to achieve better business impact, optimize your business strategies based on skills and performance, and isolate training ROI.
EPK Analysis is an end-to-end analytics solution that provides executives and training professionals with up-to-the-moment, actionable business insight. You can now measure progress and use learning to drive results. EPK Overview Analysis provides users with an interactive info center that correlates training activities with performance data from CRM, HR, ERP, or legacy systems. Go beyond reporting to impact your company's bottom line.
Increase revenue, decrease costs and reduce cycle time by targeting training strategies for optimal business impact and seeing the results

Delivering Relevant Business Intelligence

To compliment the web-enabled application training modules, EPK Advantage Solutions has developed an administrative application that maximizes the value to your organization.
Each module will measure the level of understanding of the material covered by the learner by incorporating focused, customized quizzes at the end of each chapter, as well as tests at the end of each module.
Manipulation of the raw data generated from these tests could include, but is not limited to the following:
Management will have the ability to identify the level of understanding of the material by learners.
The results of the online testing metrics can be accessed on demand by authorized individuals, from frontline managers straight through to the president of your organization.
Reports may be subdivided/sorted in a variety of manners, including, but certainly not limited to, store, branch, region, or individual contributor... we have the ability to customize your reports.
The Analysis Application will be made available to partners at no additional charge. Additional customized functionality can be added for a nominal fee.

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