A Blended e-Learning Solution

There are many elements that drive your business. Now, you can strategically manage training, education, corporate information, communication, and employee knowledge to accelerate business results.

EPK LMS is an enterprise-wide, globally scalable web based ASP application for managing learners, content, and resources. Organizations can centrally prescribe personalized training to individuals, while segmenting functionality and data based on organizational structures such as location, department, or customer. EPK LMS provides unparalleled levels of functionality and support for any web based delivery environment.


Increase revenue and service quality by ensuring customer-facing employees are proficient with the latest products, services, and offerings.
Reduce the time-to-market for product launches by streamlining training activities to sales, partners and customers.
Reduce operational expenses by consolidating to a single enterprise-wide Learning Management System.
Reduce the risk of regulatory non-compliance by automating the certification process, and centrally tracking and reporting compliance activities.
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