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Knowledge Management is a two way street.

To be truly effective, knowledge should be shared in a manner that delivers information to both parties driving the communication process. In the case for the Retailer and the Manufacturer, product knowledge information from sales associates is compiled in a manner that allows for easy but restricted access to instant information on all levels of training from single user local retail locations to national demographics across multiple categories.

Functionality is unlimited!

Results (test scores, feedback, surveys, etc) can be formatted and presented as needed to any audience. A retailer can provide targeted information to its vendor partners through a unique, proprietary learning site or visa versa, ensuring all parties are on the same page.
If our present platform does not have the reporting functionality your organization needs we will create it for you, usually at no additional cost. Examples of what is available now include, but are certainly not limited to, compliance flags, feedback loops and variable testing formats. Our partners will be provided the tools and training to modify the solution themselves.

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