• Are you looking for ways to increase your sales per associate, improving their product knowledge and increasing their time with customers?

  • Are you exploring approaches to decrease the training time for new hires, seasonal and part-time employees, while ensuring consistency across your stores?

  • Are you realizing that long-term customer satisfaction leading to future purchases and brand loyalty begins with your employees’ product knowledge and confidence?

Many companies like yours are tackling these challenges and are using the EPK Advantage solution to drive revenue, reduce their turnover and find cost-effective ways to provide full-time and part-time employees with maximum product knowledge in a minimal amount of time. Giving more time to build customer relationships and loyalty. Creating strong leadership skills within the company. Reducing administrative and business costs.

EPK Training Solutions understands your business needs. We work with many retail companies helping them solve these business problems, while working within the unique constraints of their business. The EPK Advantage Suite adapts and integrates within existing business processes and systems so that the solution works for you and the way that you do business. We help you create a differentiated service, while reducing your training and administrative overhead. We bring expertise and best practices from working with our customers, ensuring that you get a solution that grows with your business and delivers results.

Build it and they will come!

Manufacturers believed that if they create a product knowledge on-line learning site, retailers & distributors would flock there in droves to learn about the manufacturers products and services. This approach has had varying levels of success.
Sure, the on-line learning resource is a tool to assist personnel in learning about product features and benefits but...

  • Who is taking the training?
  • How many manufacturers are asking your associates to go to their site?
  • How many passwords is the associate expected to remember?
  • Is the information being transferred to job?
  • Are the associates accountable?
  • Is the right message being delivered?
  • Is their message consistent with your selling message?
  • Who is paying for the product knowledge modules?

EPK Training Solutions can provide your environment with a solution that will add incredible value to the learning experience. We will create a learning portal for your organization. Within this portal all manufacturers would have the opportunity to present their material to your associates.

What does this mean to the retailer?

  • One password for associates to access all manufacturer sites.
  • Reporting functionality... the retailer will have immediate access to all activity reports and test a button and see test results from all or selected manufacturers.
  • Direct Response... you will be provided with immediate finite as to every question on each test from each manufacturer thus allowing you to take action quickly to deal with poor results.
  • You can compliment the on-line product knowledge message with a consistent "Retailer Specific" selling skills training
  • You can use this portal as a communication vehicle.

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